I’ve been an animal lover since the day I could walk & talk!  I have always felt a very special bond with them.  Coming from a complicated family situation, I turned to animals for comfort.  I spent hours sitting outside in a lawn chair with a cat curled up in my lap while my friends played.  My mom helped us rescue & build homes for the outdoor neighborhood cats.  I felt truly loved & at home when I was with them.  We had cats growing up & lived in a big city.

At age 17, I got a flier in the mail from an animal rights group about the horrors of the meat & fur industry.  My eyes were opened for the first time.  I was devastated!  Horrified!  I bawled my eyes out in the bathroom, sliding down the wall to the floor in a crumpled, sobbing heap.  I became vegetarian immediately.   I only kept it up for about 6 months at the time because I was eating so poorly.  I spent the next 20+ years eating meat…and LOTS of it.

In my early 40s, that guilt pang that was always there with me, finally became too loud to ignore.  Slowly, I started getting skeeved by meat.  It just started tasting weird…the texture started to gross me out…pulling chicken off the bone just didn’t look right.  Then one day, I was cooking in my kitchen & noticed the blood on my counter & cutting board.  I said out loud, “Why am I eating something that is bleeding on my counter?”  It was an a-ha moment.  I have been ovo-vegetarian since then.

I still eat eggs but know that they are not good for my health & contribute to cruelty.  I strive to be vegan but know that I am quite “imperfect”.  I do better when I don’t judge myself.  I try to share my beliefs with my friends, family, coworkers, etc. always trying to be careful to praise them for any positive changes they make & avoid shaming them.  That is why I created this website & blog that I hope leads me to my ultimate dream…to carry this message around the world.  We can all strive to be better together…celebrating our wins & dusting ourselves off & starting over after our not-so-great choices.

Welcome to my site!  Welcome to my life!  I look forward to the journey together!

With love,

The Imperfect Vegan